Tromsø Langnes - ENTC


Location: 1.7NM NW of Tromsø City.
Elevation: 32ft / 10m

Charts and Sceneries

Charts are available through Norway AIP

Freeware scenery for FSX/P3D can be found here. The pack contains several Norwegian airports, including Tromsø.

Payware scenery for FSX/P3D can be found here - Tromsø X by Aerosoft.


Most traffic should be prepared for a re-route. As ENTC is not suited high amounts of traffic, re-routing in order to maintain a safe and expeditious flow of traffic will be necessary. All pilots should therefore expect a re-route in accordance with ATC clearance.

Traffic approaching ENTC from the south via AMIMO STAR will be expected to route via DCT SKG DCT AND DCT GILGU to then join the appropriate GILGU STAR.

Pilots should be prepared to take up holding at GILGU and/or AND.


Inbound turn 070
1 minute leg
220kts IAS

AND (Andoya) Hold:

Inbound turn 030
° RIGHT Hand
1-minute leg
Standard ICAO Speed

Traffic approaching ENTC from the east and southeast (via Sweden/Finland) will be instructed to join the appropriate IDLIN STAR. Pilots should be prepared to hold at IDLIN.


Inbound turn 245
1-minute leg
220kts IAS

Traffic from the south, flying through Swedish airspace and traffic from the east should expect the following route: 'DCT IDLIN'. Expect holding at IDLIN. IDLIN hold: inbound 280 degrees, left turn and 1 minute legs.

All traffic inbound ENTC should expect speed restrictions on intermediate approach. ATC will usually utilise a restriction of 220kt IAS during initial vectoring/downwind, 180kts IAS around base leg and 160kt IAS until 4DME when established on final approach. This is only a rough estimate, so please pay attention for any speed restrictions given by ATC.

All traffic inbound ENTC should expect an ILS approach. ENTC Approach may utilise “transition”, which means the aircraft is to fly own navigation to the IAF to then establish on the localiser. CAT II/III operations not allowed. It is worth noting that the approach to both runways is a steep approach with a glidepath of 7%/4 degrees. Please keep this in mind so you are able to slow down on final approach.

If runway 19 is in use, all aircraft are kindly asked to apply sufficient brake pressure to plan vacate taxiway A at latest. If this is not possible, the aircraft will require back-track. Pilots should then advise TWR on first contact.

Same plan applies to runway 01, though it may be harder for larger jets to vacate taxiway E.

Once on stand, please disconnect as soon as possible. There are only 10 medium parking stands located at the terminal area.


Due to the complex airspace surrounding ENTC, and the inconvenient departure and arrival routes, the following SIDs are not available during the event:

Instead the following SID endpoints should be used based on flight direction:

Initial climb for all SIDs at ENTC is FL090.

On first contact with ENTC Delivery (ENTC_DEL), state your aircraft type, ATIS Information and QNH. Please also advise DEL if you require de-ice and/or pushback.

If you are given a CTOT (SLOT-time), please make sure you are ready at holding point -5/+10 minutes of your CTOT. You should request pushback about 15 minutes prior to CTOT. 25 minutes if you require de-ice.